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I'm Nidhi Agarwal, a banker, author, poet and philanthropist, with two Masters degrees in Mathematics.
After what took more than ten years to complete, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a published author with the launch of my book called “Life Simply Moves On” in Sept 2019. The book immediately became an international bestseller on Amazon and received the NYC Big Book and Independent Press awards.
I am based in a beautiful part of London and live in a home filled with love and laughter with my husband Aakash and two young children Saanvi and Driti.
After the publication of my book, Saanvi got inspired and started her own book-writing journey. Only aged 6 years old, Saanvi published her first book series in 2020. Her books became international best sellers and have been awarded by the Young Writers Association with a copy saved in the British Library, London.

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Life Simply Moves On

“Nandita, just always remember that it is easier to reach the top, however, it is more difficult
to stay on the top. And I want to see you stay there.”

These words were etched into Nandita's mind the second they left her headmaster’s lips. With her mindset on success from the very first day, Nandita hardly let adversities hold her back. From her childhood until adulthood, Nandita faced a variety of obstacles, all posing a different challenge to overcome. With every bruise that coloured her heart Nandita’s stubbornness for success only grew. Every unforeseen circumstance she landed in never made her falter. She never let herself. After all, life simply moves on, right?

Friendly Fairies Book Series
The Not so nice fairy Book cover f.jpg

Written by the 8-year-old author Saanvi Agarwal, this book is an adventure where a fairy is detested by all... Can a misunderstanding and the fairy queen sort things out? Read more to find out what the author has to offer in her new book in the Friendly Fairies series! 

Princess & the Ballet Dress - Edited.png

Written by the 7-year-old author Saanvi Agarwal, this book is an adventure where a princess tries to learn ballet but fails... A friendly fairy makes an appearance one night and does something to help. Read more to find out how the princess eventually....

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Magical Adventures Book Series
A Bear on a Bear Hunt - Edited.png

Written by the 6-year-old author Saanvi, this book is about a bear being lonely deciding to go on a bear hunt. He asks hares for help to find a bear. The hares instead find a teddy bear and the story takes an interesting turn.

My Spooky House - Edited.png

All the lost things always went to the spooky house! Will I be able to find my best friend's lost thing? How long will I stay in my spooky house? Written by a 6-year-old girl Saanvi, read the book to find out more...

Day Trip with an Alien - Edited.png

Written by a 6-year-old author Saanvi Agarwal, this book is about an alien with a crashed spaceship, a big competition, and a different planet. Read the book to find out more about how magic makes the day trip exciting!

Pirate and Mermaid's Trip to an Island.png

Written by 6-year-old Saanvi Agarwal, this book is about a special mermaid who went on a trip to an island. There, she came across a group of pirates. The mermaid knew the pirate boy as a friend when they were young...

Cacti and the Balloon Book Cover - Edited.png

Written by a 6-year-old author, Saanvi Agarwal, this book is about Saanvi's big adventure when she lands up in a desert and spots a cactus, named Cacti. What happens next - does she eat the cactus or do balloons get involved? Read the book to find out more.


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