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I'm Nidhi Agarwal, a banker, author, poet and philanthropist, with two Masters degrees in Mathematics. 

I was offered a full government scholarship for a PhD and had a Maths teaching job at my alma mater, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. However, my life changed course when I also started teaching the street children that had been rehabilitated by a charity called Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT) based in Delhi, India. It became my mission to help the disadvantaged children who ended up being on the streets. In 2009, I established a UK registered charity called Friends of Salaam Baalak Trust (FoSBT). 

I have been writing blogposts since 2006 focusing on socio-political issues and believe that change should be the only constant in life. 

I've written a book called “Life Simply Moves On” about the journey of a girl from a small town in India to have a banking career in London. 

I believe in the motto that life will keep moving on no matter what the circumstances are and therefore, try to live each day to its fullest. 

I've received multiple awards for my charitable work in India and the UK as well as for being an author and poet.

I want to inspire everyone from all different backgrounds, also those living in small towns, to be unafraid of chasing their dreams. Life will simply move on, so we should live every moment consciously! 




My daughter Saanvi Agarwal is a bestselling author, award-winning artist, a Hindustani classical singer and is learning to play instruments like the Harmonium and Flute.
Saanvi has been writing her own stories since an early age. Saanvi published her first 5 book series “Magical Adventures” when she was a 6-years-old girl. It became an international best seller on Amazon for multiple categories. 

Saanvi has a three years younger sister Driti Agarwal. Both of them love spending time doing science experiments and creating videos of their dance and musical performances. 

Saanvi and Driti would like to encourage young children by giving them ideas like simple science experiments that can be done at home, to learn music at a young age, take up tree climbing as a hobby, practice storytelling to build confidence, or engage in art and crafts to expand creativity, and imagination. 

Subscribe to Saanvi and Driti’s popular Kids Youtube channel to stay tuned with the latest of what they are upto.

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