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For more than ten years, I dreamt of becoming an author. With a full-time banking career at a senior leadership level, two kids to raise and a charity to run supporting the rehabilitation of street children, work on writing the book always got deprioritized. However, as the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”. The story was always on the slow burner brewing itself with anecdotes and profound messages that life was teaching me all along. My dream came true when in Sept 2019 my book called “Life Simply Moves On” was published. The book became an international bestseller on Amazon on its first day of launch.

Applying the idea of “write what you know”, the book has been about sharing the close observations from the lenses of a small-town girl named Nandita who grew up amidst competition and the burden of expectations to prove herself at every step. It talks about the ephemeral nature of life and the girl’s experiences.


Saanvi got inspired into writing when I published my first book “Life Simply Moves On”. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Saanvi and I got ample time to spend with each other. During this time as a 6-year-old, Saanvi had read all the book series from famous authors for her age group. Saanvi recommends the following books –

For 6 - 7 year-olds

  • Rainbow Magic (all the 72 books in this series)

  • Horrid Henry (the entire set)

  • Captain Underpants (the entire set)

  • The Faraway Tree Collection by Enid Blyton

  • Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

  • Secret Unicorn by Linda Chapman

  • Roald Dahl Series

  • Mr. Men and Little Miss by Roger Hargreaves

  • Daisy and the Trouble with by Kes Gray


For 8 - 9 year-olds

  • The Treehouse Collection

  • Dotty Detective by Clara Vulliamy

  • Star Friends by Linda Chapman

  • The Chronicles of Narnia Collection

  • The Harry Potter Collection


Armed with a lot of ideas waiting to be poured on paper and a little encouragement from her mother, Saanvi started writing her stories down. When I found that she had written some interesting stories of fairies, pirates, mermaids, aliens, etc., with magic and imagination, I promised to help turn them into books. Our mother and daughter duo spent time together finding out illustrations that enhance the story and that’s how Saanvi’s own book series Magical Adventures was born.

All her books are available on Amazon and can be purchased as an e-book. Click on the image to visit the Amazon page.

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