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YO! Weekends

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I hope I will not be charged for copyright infringement by YO! Shushi. The reason I took the name is not because I had a Japanese dinner this weekend, but because I have started getting the YO! feeling for weekends. You know, there used to be a time when I would find it hard to understand why people crave for weekends so much. In fact to an extent, it used to be the other way round where I would feel like HUH! Weekends.

You may want to pop up and conclude that this clearly means a) I used to enjoy my weekdays i.e., work then much more than I do now, or b) I enjoy my weekends now much more than I used to then. No, don’t jump guns, it’s neither – because I enjoy my work now and I enjoyed my weekends then. Then, what is it??

It’s an anticipation. Anticipation of a fun-filled weekend. A weekend that will make me forget who I am or who you are. Somewhere in an unexplored island with nothing. The anticipation of experiencing a complete vacuum or may be an emotional over-fill; of experiencing the extreme. Does it sound vague? If you understand it, please help me understand.

On another topic, I feel a blog post on the financial crisis is long over due. I have been thinking of writing my opinions / take on it, but before that thought of conducting this poll to gauze the level at which I should project the content. Please leave your views.

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