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Women's Day & Bankers

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Yesterday we all celebrated the International Woman’s Day. What makes it more special is that this year was the centenary year. At my work place there was a gathering to celebrate the accomplishment in which I took part. However, now when I sit back in my chair and think of what I gained from attending the event or by celebrating the Woman’s Day – not much really. My life has not changed since yesterday, I am doing the same job, living the same life and have got no additional knowledge of making it any better since yesterday.

However, when I think deep and question myself hard as to whether attending the event along with hundreds more women from around the globe for 3 hours (there were video conferencing facilities connecting all the offices around the globe) was really a complete waste, the ‘yes’ takes longer than earlier to come out as an answer. I guess what I achieved yesterday was some confidence. I can’t say that I met ladies from all walks of life who have done really well, because all the ladies in the room were bankers. However, what I can definitely say is that there were ladies from all around the globe who have done really well in a traditionally male dominated working environment of banking.

The Bankers Magazine in 1915 quoted ‘whether ladies will ever be considered eligible for the higher posts is, for the time being, a question too revolutionary for present consideration’, one of the ladies mentioned in her speeches. 1953 quote was ‘Nobody has yet had the courage to face the possibility of a woman bank manager’. And today in 2011, I looked around and found the room and all the rooms in the videos from all over the globe, full of woman bankers beaming with confidence. 2011 is quite different from 1915.

However, is it good enough? Are we comfortable that we can count such women in numbers? Did I learn anything from yesterday’s event that can give me the confidence that 10 years down the line, we would have reached a point where it would not be possible to count such women as it is today. Is it the responsibility of the society to ensure that we walk closer to this goal or does the onus lie on each one of us? What is my responsibility as an individual – to make sure I become one of those successful women, or also in some way try to assist others in becoming one? I would think the ideal answer would be to do both. Let’s see how 2011 unfolds…

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