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The political quicksand sucking Britain

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

How could I have spent an entire year not blogging about politics? I wish for once there was a time when politics had stopped becoming the agenda point for discussion, rather it was social and economic development that was on the top of everybody’s talking points.

For the last few years, Britain is caught up amid political overdose. It started off with the excitement during the famous (or now infamous in the hindsight) Britain in or out of the Europe referendum, changing soon to a feeling of shock when the results declared that Britain had voted to be out of the European Union (EU), to a sense of utter confusion on what Britain leaving the EU or nick-named as BREXIT actually means, to utter dismay seeing politicians playing with words like hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no deal, some deal without much substance to any of them, to complete fatigue as British people simply have now stopped caring and discussing about it. Speculative discussions over tea have seen a decline as one after other unprecedented political events have happened and now it is clear that on any speculation the chances of that happening or not happening are the same.

Living in Britain during this time feels such a waste. It is another matter that it is now the country of my residence and therefore I have little choice, but I feel I am wasting my time being in a country which is going through such indecisiveness and hence wasting its valuable time where conversations could have been about more meaningful things concerning our lives like improving the quality of our inner wellbeing, much needed medical advancements, data and privacy, rural development, climate change controls etc. This country has now been long unsure of what it wants for itself as its future. I like being in the company of winners, and somehow it does not feel to me to be the case right now.

Britain needs to pretty quickly decide on one way or the other, execute and move on to the next steps. The damage that Brexit with a deal or without a deal would do to the British economy, British values and British societies is mostly all done already, hence I don’t think the cautiousness still demonstrated in taking any drastic step is anymore warranted.

Life should move on; however, the political quicksand is keeping us stuck in time and sucking us all in it. This simply has to stop. We have already dug ourselves a hole and reached to the bottom of it, the only place now to go from here is upwards, so let’s start that journey sooner rather than later.

On a rather happy note, if you feel like reading something nice that leaves you with positivity reinforcing that life will move on no matter what and hence no point being scared of the situations we are in or unhappy with the setbacks we face, read my international best-selling book “Life Simply Moves On” that is available on Amazon.

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