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The Indian curry

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It is an enlightening experience for me to find out what Westerners and other Asians think about the Indian curry. For the uninitiated, Indian curry is just anything that an Indian (me in this case) eats in her meal- which may be even fried rice/ pulao! For some who know a little more, know that curry is liquid in form. And those who know a little further, know that it is yellow in colour.

So everyday during lunch when I take out my lunch box, the first question that is thrown to me with immense excitement is: “Is that curry?” with all the hopes of the guess being correct. To be honest, now I am myself not sure of what Indian curry actually is. I describe it as something liquid that looks yellow because of a particular spice called “turmeric” and is made of curd/yoghurt. This is the basic version and it can be made more intricate by adding other stuff like dumplines (pakore)/ potatoes/ onions/ beans/ pulses/ vegetables. I know this definition can be refuted by Indians also as different cultures in India have different ways of cooking curry.

But whatever it is, they all love seeing, talking and eating Indian curry- depending on whatever they define it to be!!!

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