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Revive BJP

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

I am not a political commentator, so I claim of no expertise in political analysis. I have not cast my vote in any of the elections and don’t see any such opportunity coming up also. This post is about my personal views which I have formed on seeing India and in particular the BJP from a distance now.

I have respect for the diversity India carries, the multi-party democracy that it has been able to sustain over a long period of time. But now, I think it is time for us to realize that our democracy has come off age and it is time for us to make the country politically more stable so that we can solely concentrate more on its economic development. I understand the need of regional parties as that is the best way through which the regional issues can be best addressed. But at the same time I realize at the national level there should be more political stability, and the big political parties should grow bigger to get full majority in the house so that they are not under constant threat of appeasing allies. And to win this full majority in the house it is important that the parties keep growing in stature by winning the respect of the people.

BJP is a party which is in doldrums at the moment. Though personally I feel there is a lot of potential that I see in this party. The way they led the dynasty-favoring country for nearly full term under Vajpayee was when I took notice of the party. The “India Shining” slogan may not have helped them win votes and come back to power, but it did a lot of good to Indians. It gave all of us the confidence that we have the ability to shine, we can do what we have not done till now and the feel good factor that it left us with helped us to actually work hard and do good in our own capacity. After all everything boils down to confidence at the end.

But recently the news item of Lal Krishna Advani being chosen to spear head the BJP campaign for the next assembly polls bothered me. At this time when the party needs to reinvent itself, it was important for them to choose a candidate who can be revered by everybody. They should have been bold to make a choice as critical as this.

If not Advani then who? I might look completely wrong to some when I state my choice of the BJP prime ministerial candidate. But I am convinced about her abilities and so my choice would be Sushma Swaraj. To me she is able, smart, confident, stylish, responsible and young. All these factors go in her favor and she is the only one who I think can put up a tough competition to the incumbent government. This will help BJP to be seen out of its stereotypes which people do not want it to be associated with. She represents Indianness and competent to be the face of a new emerging India.

Above views are completely personal. No malice intended.

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