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My worries

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

This is to bring to fore my recent concerns regarding the present day scenario of the society. My worries.

I am worried about the LDF again winning the West Bengal Assembly elections with a majority. Not that I am against the Left regime, in fact I really appreciate the governance and the policies of the Leftist government there but then I am always in favor of a change so would have appreciated had there been a strong alternative to the Bampanthi Sarkar in power since 1977.

I am worried about Narmada Bachao Andolan Leader Medha Patkar. Today is her seventeenth day of fast and her health has been deteriorating. Personally I am not quite in favor of this mode of protest as I do feel in our constitutional and democratic form of governance we have other effective measures to make ourselves heard but I really feel proud to have a fellow countryman as determined as her to fight for a social cause.

I am worried about the recent attack at Jama Masjid. No casualties reported so far but then the attack seems to me to be an attack to dismantle the peaceful co-existence of Hindus and Muslims. The aim is to bring about a communal disharmony in the society by attacking the religious places of both Hindus (The Benaras mishap) and Muslims (The Jama Masjid bomb blasts). Actually to me it seems to be the design of few mentally sick minds who need urgent psychological pampering more than jehadi commotion.

I am worried about the reservation for OBC’s in educational institutions including IITs and IIMs. Not that I am against the welfare of this socially challenged sect but I do feel that merit should be that sole criterion to reach to a high level as this. I can’t think of a situation of being treated by a doctor who managed to get the degree because of favors but does not have the adequate knowledge to tackle the disease. Dreadful!

I am worried about the confusions going on in the selection of the Indian cricket team for the World Cup. With Sehwag and Kaif not playing well at the moment but still being kept in the team, I am only wondering that why is it so that Sourav Ganguly is not given a chance to be back in the Indian team after performing consistently so well at the domestic level? A man with more than 10000 ODI runs and other credentials defy my logic to be disqualified.

I am worried about a lot more things: the nasty violence in Bangalore due to the death of the veteran actor and an icon Dr. Rajkumar, the growing water problem in the country and the Naxalite menace in the Eastern and the North Eastern states. Its high time that something is done to find out solutions to my worries and writing them down and making you all aware of them was my first step towards it. Jai Hind!

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