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My sports diary

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I have never been a sportsperson in my life- the only times I remember playing sports formally was in seventh grade in school annual sports day (I won second prize in some event I can’t remember) and the last time as a post-graduate student (I won a second prize again, in shot-put). Unofficially I used to play terrace-cricket with my younger brother as a kid and he would invariably bowl me out on the first ball to my utter diaappointment.

Nevertheless, I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching sports. Sitting in my relaxed couch watching people sweat it out probably gave me a lot of pleasure-more than actually going and doing it myself.

Probably like any other Indian kid and specially any other Bengali kid, I grew up watching lots of cricket. Be it exams or the earth quake, nothing could me from watching it (exception being the amazing 2002 world cup where I promised myself to study harder than ever. It paid off well as I got the best marks, but it was the toughest sacrifice given than India reached so close to the dream). I wrote in my earlier post the overwhelming experience I had the day I visited Oval (and Lords thereafter) for the 2020 world cup cricket matchs.

The sporting experience in the UK is not complete without some tryst with football and this encouraged me to go for an Arsenal match(I was living at a five minutes walk from the stadium, so can call it my ‘home team’). It was the most exciting match I had experienced, so much of energy – both on field and on the stands. I then also got an opportunity to see another England’s football match with a guest appearance play from David Beckam (that’s what he does in matches – comes and goes, wonder how he affords to be so stylish with such performances).

One other thing that I have grown up watching has been lawn tennis. Childhood was spent in the era of Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras and my youth is enjoying the thrills of watching Roger Federrer and Rafael Nadal. I am excited that I have managed to secure the live match tickets of the ATP world tour final match which I am hoping would be between the two of them!

That’s it! This is all that I have done in my sports life yet. A small blogpost is all that is required to cover it. Some dog racing and horse racing here and there to add some bit of spice. I am however anticipating some marathons, treks or hiking this year or the following years. My relaxed life on the couch or on the stadium stands will now get replaced by running around the shops to buy running shoes / trekking shoes. Am I excited? Sure I am.

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