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My 3D Experience

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

If you have not seen a 3D movie, like me, start with ‘Final Destination’. It is out in the cinemas. They will charge you £10 instead of the usual £8, rates varying based on which cinema you choose, but it is worth those extra quids.

The movie stays with you long after you have finished watching. After the movie while you are coming down the escalators, you check if you are shoe laces are tied or not. While you wait for your friends to come outside the theatre, you think what is the probability of the lamp post falling on you. As you walk up the car park, you look around to ensure everything is as it should be. Everything from the movie stays with you unless you consciously decide to wipe it out of memory.

I enjoyed the thrill. I enjoyed the realisation that there is a non-zero probability of the world crashing like a deck of cards – may be due to a sudden earthquake, a strong hurricane or cyclone or any other man-made reasons. So why not live the life that we have to the fullest until it all comes to an end? Why not endeavour to make living meaningful, so that death finds a meaning on its own too?

In short, I highly recommended you to watch it if you have guts as I did get freaked out once in a while. Be a part of the freaky imagination of the director which gets freakier by the addition of the dimension. Watch it and enjoy the adrenaline rush throughout the time of the movie.

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