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Indian Premier League

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Thanks to itv4 that I have been closely following IPL T20 matches this year on my home Television. Being originally from West Bengal, KKR will be the home team I should be supporting. However, with Saurabh Ganguly being removed from Kolkata Knight Riders team, Pune Warriors are also receiving some of my wishes. However, clearly it does not seem like that it is helping Ganguly even the slightest as whichever team he is joining (first KKR and now PW), they have not really performed very well in IPL.

I must say that this year’s IPL has been the most amazing I have seen so far. Indian cricketers from smaller parts of the country have come to the fore front exceptionally well. I have seen some of the most incredible catches in cricketing history being taken in this IPL. Some of the biggest sixes that have been hit in cricketing history! This IPL for me has raised the bar of cricketing performance to another level altogether. The format of the game is quick which means that you are spending just the right amount of time in front of the TV.

The first time when I became fan of this 20 – 20 format of the game was when I watched a couple of matches in London during the 2020 World Cup in June 2009. Watching a T20 match live is a real joy and have been documented in my previous blogposts. I have been having discussions with some ardent fans of cricket who still believe that the Test format is the best format to test actual cricketting talent. However much I would like to convince myself of this, since following T20 matches closely these days, I do not think that I have ever seen such a high quality cricket previously ever. In this world where speed is the new fashion, most of us have lost the patience to appreciate the slow moving pace of Test cricket! Do you agree?

Anyways, KKR just won against PW on my television. This brings an end to my confusion of whom to support in a match between KKR and PW as Pune Warriors are out of this IPL now – the Dada effect 🙂

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