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Movie Corner Buzz

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

On my onward and return flights to and from Mexico, almost 12 hours each way, I was on a movie spree, watched a number of them – and I must stress all GOOD movies. Here I will give you my take on each one of them, and I must add that you should watch all of them if possible.

The Social Network

This was the first movie I saw on my flight to Mexico and thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie talks about the life of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook. What I liked about this movie was the pace with which it goes through, crispy yet detailed. The movie reminds you that there is a spark of entrepreneurship in each one of us; we only have to recognise it. It talks about the challenges to face and the pitfalls to avoid while kicking off a business venture. Watch this movie to take out the messages that you want to extract out of it.


This is a very cute movie, it’s a story of a rat who aspires to be a famous chef. For him doing something as mundane as eating the left over food of human beings is not acceptable. He finds his passion in cooking and explains to his brother and mates the concept of taste and sumptuousness. The movie then becomes a lot of fun to see how he actually manages to become the head chef in one of the best restaurants in Paris, for human beings of course! Please do watch this; the kid in you will really enjoy this rather refreshing and imaginative movie.

127 Hours

Wow, what a beautiful movie. The movie gives you enough time to contemplate on all the things you do or habits that you have which may ever lead you to be in any problem. You promise yourself while the movie is going on that as you soon as it gets over, you will mend all your ways. I loved each and every moment of this movie. The detailed level of thinking the director has shown by capturing all the fragmented thoughts that go in your mind when you are in a helpless situation is mind blowing. Please do watch it if you can, this is not to be missed.


I watched this one just because of the inspiration I got when I saw one of the streets in Mexico city named as Gandhi Road, along with having a statue of the Mahatma. This made me think that however varied our opinions may be about Gandhi’s greatness, but clearly he has touched a lot of souls, not just in India but in far off countries where you wouldn’t expect so. I feel the remark from Albert Einstein that “future generations will find hard to believe that such a man walked the earth in flesh and blood” may well become true. The movie has a very nice and close to reality, description of all the events that took place in making Gandhi – from Mohandas to Mahatma. I felt very inspired and proud of our history, a part of whose present I am living today.

The Kings Speech

I dint watch this movie on the small screen of my in-flight entertainment, I watched it in a multiplex within a shopping centre called Reforma 222 in Mexico city. The conversation to figure out the ticket price and whether the movie is in English or at least with English subtitles with the cinema receptionist was purely based on sign language. I was not too sure of her answers, and took the risk of wasting the money if I ended up seeing a Spanish dubbed version. Well, thankfully that was not the case; movie was in English with Spanish subtitles. With only 4 people in the hall who were outside my normal range of vision, I felt like being given a royal treatment of watching a movie about the Royal families alone in a comfortable seat with a big screen while masticating an onion and mushroom pizza. What an excellent piece of art! I was thrilled and bowled over by the concept of the movie, and the honest and surreal depiction of that concept. Another brilliant recommendation for this weekend!

Lots of movies to keep you busy for this weekend! Have a good time, and get back to me with your thoughts here.

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