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How to stay motivated to blog?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Very very difficult. It’s not like in the time I did not write any posts that I did not have any new experiences or new ideas to share, it is more the feeling of not having the certainty of who is going to read them which makes putting in the effort to write down not worth it. Keeping yourself motivated is the biggest challenge every blogger faces. I am sure even the bloggers who have many followers but only few who actively engage with them have this question in their minds at times. Just having followers or likes is not good enough, what is really motivating is a conversation – a dialogue between the blogger and the readers. That happens only with very few bloggers and for all those that don’t have this privilege, the question of how to stay motivated to blog arise often. I have not found the magic bullet to solve the problem – hence the lull for a while. However I would be quite keen on hearing from my fellow bloggers as to what they do to overcome the expectation of active engagement from their readers!

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