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Examination Blues

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Again the time of the year which gives me a severe head- ache accompanied by a mild fever..Egg a min ation(as if you are to boil an egg in a minute:)) . How can a two hour or even a three hour exam be a yardstick to judge your intelligence?? *Phew*…its rather a test of your level of endurance. But yes the institutions with high and very high cut-offs are the real pain in the ass…not for me though as I am out of that nerve-wrecking stage of a few marks deciding your future but for my younger brother who is just about to enter this life-changing and hyper-tensive stage of life. I pity him and I pity myself when every night on the phone I remind him that bhai marks are important so study well. I don’t have any doubts about his intelligence as I know he can outsmart any of those geeks in his class but the problem with him is that he hates cramming or studying from scoring marks point of view. So he needs to be reminded again and again about the rat- race for marks.

Where has our ancient system of studying for values, knowledge, happiness and personal enrichment gone? At that time a first division scorer used to be garlanded in public and those who used to speak knowledge and sense used to be considered highly educated without even having a college degree. And the scene now is that if you are not a 90 per center you are looked down as if your existence is worse than that of a timid rat, no matter even if you don’t have the basic common senses! *Sigh*… It utterly puts me off when I see dumbos as toppers.

Its very important to learn things and not cram them, important to understand them and not memorize them, important to feel them and not see them. Very few understand such subtleties and those who understand them are generally not able to outshine themselves in the short- run as their no-sense peers over-shadow them. And those who understand and are still able to become pioneers, hats off to them.

Well so never form an impression by somebody’s academic credentials… and even if you do, make sure that you make him speak as a cuckoo and a crow can only be distinguished once they sing.

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