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Doses of Inspiration

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In a span of two days I got two solid doses of inspiration… Yesterday afternoon I watched Iqbal on Set Max. I know I am quite late in doing so but now that I have done it I feel a great sense of achievement. The movie has a very positive note which exuberates immense zeal to take on any challenge in life however tough it may be, without any hitch. Shreyas Talpade was just awesome in the the role of an 18 year old deaf and dumb who can only hear the sounds of passion. Initially I found him cute, then I found him matured and during the end I started finding him hot too. His sweet little specky sister Shweta Prasad took my heart away. I had been a fan of Nagesh Kukunoor after the watching the movie Teen Deewarein and Iqbal only added to my craze for him. So innocent and genuine. The movie did not let me sympathise with Iqbal at any point, rather every frame of it oozed out so much of confidence and determination that at the end of it I was all pepped up to take on the world. The background score Aashayein added to the feel good factor. And the second dose of inspiration was when I read in today’s newspaper about the tremendously incredible win of South Africa over Australia. Chasing an unreachably high total of 434, South Africa without conceeding defeat at any moment moved on to win it making 438 with one ball still to spare… marvellous!!

So okay, now you must have understood how restless I must be feeling now as if I can do wonders overnight. Well if not overnight but then definitely someday. Faith and a positive attitude during our tough times can help us overcome it with quite an ease. Nothing is impossible and no dream is too far to be out of reach. We can make our passions come true if we accompany them with the right vision and hard work. No more lecturing now, the countdown to success has begun.

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