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Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Attraversiamo is an Italian word meaning “let’s cross over”. The title of my blog is “Dynamics of life – change is always welcome”. And I do welcome change in life. My close friends and family know me as a person who is never scared of changes. To keep growing in life, change is imperative. But today as I sit down and type this, I feel nervous with changes in life. Changes that bring new commitments with them. On my birthday every year I have moaned about having grown one year older. The happiness of celebrating my achievements of the last year get shadowed by the thoughts of the new committments the new life will bring to me. In my mind I have loved living like a free bird. I love those whom I feel like loving and not love people just for the sake of loving. My way of expressing love is also similar – effortless, should just happen naturally. But with new commitments comes the responsibility of showing love and care. I want everything to be natural, is that always possible?

I was watching the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. The movie makes you think. It makes you question if you are ready for the big cross over in life. Should I bow down to life and accept new commitments just because I can’t stop time?

Your mind and soul can be ageless, but certainly your body is not. And the thing is that you can go against the will of time, but hardly can it be sustainable. The rational mind is too powerful and will manage to reason with your heart. So then you wonder if at the end you had to come to accept those commitments, why try to escape them at the first place. Why delay them and make things harder for yourself.

So with a deep breadth accept that as time passes by, you will need to prepare yourself for new commitments, new responsibilities. It is all a part of life and there is only how long you can escape all this. Attraversiamo may be difficult, but is not impossible! Smile with your eyes, heart and liver and you will see that things will happen naturally and become a part of life. “God dwells within me as me”, Liz (Julia Roberts) says in the movie. So if you remain connected to the God within you, then any such transition would just look like another day in office – hopefully!

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