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A quickie

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I know I have not been writing since some time, and I apologise that this is not going to be a long one either. The turn of weather in London, from winters to spring has meant that I am spending my free time in appreciating the beauty around and the sunshine which I used to earlier spend on blogging.

Today a friend from college said that she has started learning Guitar. I think Guitar is one of the toughest instruments, guess all string instruments are tough. So on asking how is coping up with it, she replied that she is struggling but feels ecstatic just by the thought of possessing a guitar. I encouraged her to continue and added – ‘you have crossed the line of those who do not know to those who try to know and then eventually (hopefully) to those who know’. She felt motivated and good. Thought of sharing this with you.

I have been watching some good movies. Watched Julia Roberts and Clive Owen’s Duplicity yesterday – a good and intelligent movie. I also liked the most recent Bollywood sci-fi ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ starring Neil Nitin Mukesh – recommended to all those who want to see the sci-fi genre in Bollywood having matured by this movie.

Lots more later!

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