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A drizzling day

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Its drizzling outside, a perfect weather for all those dating these days. Some how I really have a fascination for the months of February and March as these two are the only months in the year when I crave for a proper date.

A perfect outing in some lonely place with the person who loves me… the sun half set, the clouds still and grey, the birds perching softly, the winds hissing through, the leaves swinging by, the drizzle wetting my eyelashes only to the extent needed and the person of my life in my eyes. As the wind blows by leaving behind a rythm, he picks it up to sing a lovely song for me. (Don’t worry even if you are a bad singer… your date won’t mind it as the air around won’t let her mind, worst probably will be that she will laugh her heart out but then that too does the trick for you, doesn’t it?)

And then with the song we talk, I would like to talk about each others lives but he stupidly talks about Bush’s and Musharraf’s lives, I want to hear him praising me but he is on about the pleasant weather around, I want him to click my photograph but he is busy showing his neighbouring aunts photographs, I want him to tell me how important I am to his life but he is busy telling me about what his mom made in the morning for breakfast, I want to walk slowly with him but he walks so fast that I need to run to keep pace, I want to stop for a breadth and for a cup of coffee to be shared between us but he merrily orders two glasses of juice instead, and so after experiencing all this I just want to get back home and he asks me if I can manage on my own?

Loving somebody is very natural and easy but expressing it is very difficult. Even if there is such a propelling and congenial surrounding as described above still it’s tough. So I need to wait for the next Feb-March to make the man of my life speak his heart out and to experience the kind of date that I want to.

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