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A breather

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The last few weeks have been maddening, I got a little too carried away. I was dreaming, breathing, thinking, feeling, eating and even walking only one thing. Nothing else occupied me. There were no thoughts for blogging, no desire to watch my once-in-a-week-bollywood-dose that I use to pamper myself.

I have allowed a breather. I decided to be a little kind to my thought process just before it was time to collapse with the guilt of excessive torture to the brain. The thrills of fantasizing about it had to be given a break. So I decided to keep my commitment of the once-in-a-week-bollywood-dose and started deciding on watching some movie. I don’t what made me select Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (may be the Abhishek Bachchan factor). Huh, it is the worst movie I have watched in my dose routines . So one can imagine it dint help me much to drive my crazy thinking process away for anytime. There was nothing in the movie that could make me feel good. I would surely be more prudent next time. But rather honestly I have not left too many good choices anymore 🙂 From Saawariya to Taare Zameen Par I have watched them all in one of my dose routines. My search for an English movie is generally filtered by lots of criteria, so there too I am not left with too many options.

So finally I decided to blog, and to be very honest this is the best way to force myself to think of something other than what I have been putting myself to think about for weeks. Well since weeks, what occupied me was my C++ numerical project which I submitted today and from tomorrow I would be working on a statistical project. Oh my sweet little brain, I confess that I love you and I will be more kind to you very soon. Please cooperate!

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