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Women's day

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In this post I want to share what I have heard or over-heard during a casual walk on the road, or a chat with friends around Women’s day.

“Hi! How have you been? Happy women’s day!”, one of the guys of my class wishing a girl.

“Yeh dekh na kaisa lag raha hai, ya phir yeh”, two girls talking at a roadside ear-rings and sundry seller.

“Bhaiya thoda to kam karo, itni mehanga kyun de rahe ho”, an aunty telling the vegetable vendor.

“Yaar yeh maal to dekh, kya cheez hai”,a loafer guy on the roadside leching at a decent scared girl waiting at the bus stop.

“Pa, got a job, joining as soon I complete this semester”, a friend of mine on phone to her father.

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