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Why do husbands cook better than wives?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It may sound funny but isn’t it true? The dish above is what my husband prepared for dinner tonight and needlessly to say it tasted out of this world! There are of course two categories of husbands – one who can hardly even warm up milk in a pan and one who can cook. So the wives of those husbands who belong to the second category, can you seriously put your hand on your heart and claim that you actually cook better than your husband? I can’t. Because I don’t. As working parents, we both are equal partners in every sense. Therefore we get equal opportunities of spending time in the kitchen. However our approach to cooking is very different although at the end we both love eating good food. I have been thinking as to why he ends up cooking better than me on almost all occasions. I have listed below some reasons that I think applies to us.

  1. Husband spends more time on his cooking which means he puts in more effort. I would not spend more than 30 mins in the end to end cooking business. When I step into the kitchen, the first and foremost thought in my mind is how quickly can I get out. Therefore the focus is on spending the least amount of time possible to come up with something that can be eaten. Whilst for my husband the focus is entirely on cooking.

  2. Husband is bold enough to take on complicated cooking. Because for me it is all about spending as little time as possible in the kitchen, the focus is also to cook simpler things that do not take too long. My belief is that elaborated cooking is a one-time affair, daily cooking can only be simple. However for my husband it is about attempting complicated cooking so that every day brings with it new food, interesting food.

  3. Husband follows recipes to the minute details. The last time I have followed recipe to even the greater details – never! I read them to only pick up what goes in, but how much of it goes in and for how long is always something I can play around with. However for him, it is all about measurements, following the time and doing it perfectly. Of course the output shows the result of the attention provided.

  4. Husband does not worry about food being healthy. Because he would follow recipe to the minute details, it does not matter if the recipe says 1/2 carton of butter or thick slices of cheese, they will be thrown in without any questions asked. However when I cook or follow a recipe, the focus is on making a healthier version of it – which of course compromises the taste.

  5. Husband has a wife who appreciates his cooking to the moon and back. Which is of course me. Do I have a husband who appreciates my cooking equally – as a matter of fact yes, although I refuse to believe it. I am a big foodie myself and therefore a food critic. My own cooking hardly stands up to the high bars of taste and presentation that I have in order to truly enjoy the gift that is eating. Therefore I motivate him to cook as he truly possesses the art of cooking.

Let me know if you agree that husbands can cook better than wives!

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