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What's in my name?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

While reading the other blogs I found this wonderful link that analyses your name. This is the result for my name. “Big” is the word that best describes these people. They talk big, dream big, and unconsciously give others an impression of themselves that is often larger than life. Their heart is big but they must be sure their generosity is not motivated by an impulse to impress. Their extreme idealism, combined with their material and political interests, causes them to exaggerate their own importance. Their desire to serve life in some way is quite sincere. Their business and personal interests are always imbued with the thought of service. They are aware and interested in the events of the community, both politically and socially, and desire to be involved. As organizers they can be quite magnanimous. While they have a wealth complex and desire to be financially independent, the balance of the whole name determines their degree of success. This influence is not deep or intellectual. Their idealism governs their thoughts more on the level of theory than practical reality. This is not to say that their business dealings are not practical. They have an astute and shrewd mind for making money, but even then they must be cautious of letting their idealism carry them into unsound propositions. If there is too much imbalance, their talk belies their intentions. They will attempt to give the impression of knowing far more than they actually do. They have a confidence and a bravado that isn’t always followed through with action. As leaders they are good-natured and helpful. They love their family and friends, and are good providers. At times their generosity can exceed their pocketbook, while at other times they can be quite stingy with their money, accounting for every penny. They enjoy the good things of life and are not past putting on a little show regarding their wealth and possessions.

They have a charitable nature, but it does not come from the depths of profound compassion. They are materialists first, and their religious convictions and affiliations take second place. They prefer to give in a big way to organizations or charities than in a more person-to-person manner. For the most part these people are quite pleasant, helpful and good-hearted, but it is the combination of influences in these names that prevents a real depth of mind. Even in love they cannot plumb the depths of another’s soul to arouse an appropriate response. They may desire to go deeply into a romance with the opposite sex, but mental or spiritual intimacy is difficult for them. In consequence their lack of romance is replaced by a need for sexual completion which expresses primarily through the physical body. These people have poise, confidence and a worldly outlook on life. Their main interests lie in the fields of business and politics. They are forever dreaming of a better way of life. They are mostly armchair politicians who firmly believe their political idealism could change the world. They love good food and drink, and indulgence could be a weakness.

Try out this link to find out how your name describes you!!!

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