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Tracing back

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Do you ever trace back your life? I mean think over the little events of your life and see how life has unfolded for you? I did that, and let me tell you its fun!! The feeling of opening the book of your life and reading it with the sequence of the chapters based on your priorities in life makes you nostalgic. The successful chapters in the book bring smiles to you and the unsuccessful ones a bit of despair, but then when you try to find out the reasons for your failure, you realize that it was good that you failed in that chapter otherwise the next chapter containing your brightest success story would not have been written. So that actually does not make you sad anymore rather you realize the most important truth on this earth: “Whatever happens happens for good”… My belief in the above mentioned truth takes a back seat when I come to know about somebody’s untimely death. I have never been able to find out the good behind somebody just dying suddenly,of an accident say. What good can there be when the man of the house dies of an accident leaving the household to worry about the means of livelihood…

I have just finished an almost India tour with my mother. Have been to the three metropolis (exclude chennai) and to Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It has been great fun, and I have got ample time to think about things, about happenings, about events and about people. I have been to villages and seen the jhuggi -jhopris. It was like a total freedom, with just maa and me, with no body to report to, we did all that we could do except drinking though. And a few good things as well, as we ended our tour at Haridwar… After a morning bath at the Ganges, we went on to see the Mansa Devi temple and the Chandi Devi temple and then the Patanjali Yog Peeth by Swami Ramdev. We were very lucky to see the evening aarti, it’s such an unforgettable experience. And then the late night bus back to Delhi. The heavily crowded Ganga ghats, and the Haridwar roads made me think if this is really the Dev bhoomi and people come here to attain moksha or just to wash away their sins in the holy Ganga waters…

I was wondering if emotions are fan regulators that their intensity can be increased or decreased as per our wish. When we want to feel something we increase the magnitude and when we are too busy to feel anything we direct it to decrease it. Well I don’t think that’s possible and possibly that’s what makes life interesting and spicy. That’s what I guess are the “Dynamics of life”.

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