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The kid in me

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

2007 started. Another year passed by silently, have grown older by an year, childhood seems to be slipping by. I want to stick to my childhood, don’t want to grow old, don’t want to face the complications that age brings with itself. A friend of mine couriered me a few CD’s I had asked for, and to my pleasant surprise I found a few Eclairs in the envelope. This triggered back my childhood memories. I was not keeping well emotionally since a few days so those were to lift me up. The Eclairs reminded me of a childhood experience. When I was a school going kid, every evening when my father used to come back from work, he used to ask me to find out a coin (of any denomination). I used to keep it on his palm and he used to read some magic mantras upon which that coin used to turn into an Eclair. I used to be ecstatic at the magic played by papa and used to wait anxiously everyday for him to play it again. And one day I grew up, I grew up to realise that it was no magic, just a plain haath-ki-safai.

That day I was feeling happy on having grown up and to realise that papa was fooling me all throughout, but now I don’t feel happy about it any longer. I wish I could have been a naive not to realise it ever. Papa would bring me chocolates forever and I would eat them with the same excitement everyday.

But probably now my father loves it this way. He would want that I get chocolates for him, it’s time for him to enjoy and me to bring joys for him. He can’t be the giver always, I too need to understand my responsibilties and take command of my life.

And that’s how I have started my new year with- to make myself capable of taking charge of things. However much we may hate, but we need to accept it. And yes if only we don’t forget the little girl in us eagerly waiting for a chocolate magic, life will remain joyful as every little thing would be sweet enough to make us happy.

So welcome 2007 with an open mind and don’t ever let the kid in you die.

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