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The Interview with God

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

What does future has in store for us is a question we think about most of the time. We plan what we will do tomorrow, the day after and the day after. We keep planning for our future and set bench marks for ourselves. And then when things don’t happen as per our plannig, we complain that we have faced failure. Indeed it is a failure when you cannot make things happen the way you want them to happen, but then there is nothing to be fretful in it. Rather it should serve as a lesson for the lacunas you must have left as a result of which things did not happen as per your whims and fancies.

This is a very standard explanation which you will get when you go to any person elder to you and complain him about your constant failures.

But today I realised the way of looking at it. I felt as if I had a rendevous with God who explained me the other side of the coin. Things sometimes don’t go our way as they are not destined to happen that way to us. We always tend to keep a very short-term perspective about the incidences that happen to us forgetting about the larger picture. And we always do what our mind suggests us to do after an ordeal of judging the pros and cons of the decision. But God knows it all. He knows what our heart wants and that we have been constantly fighting with ourselves to synchronise it with the wants of our mind. Often we succeed but then when we don’t, we fail in the endeavours we make as per our mind, so that fearlessly we can then listen to our hearts!

The path when you listen to your heart is tougher. But what keeps you driving is the burning desire asociated with it. And then things you achieve after a lot of pain are immensely taken care of. So it becomes a smooth ride soon. And what you love if you do that you are able to give in your hundred percent and achieve greater heights of success.

My blog has become a channel of preaching, I guess. Just that I want my friends to know through my testimonials that Life is very sweet, only if we know how to live it.

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