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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Thank you Renu for tagging me to write on the above picture.

The picture above is a similar picture (in essence) that I came across last year (of my friend with her boyfriend walking hand in hand in Russia). I was so moved by the picture that I requested her to give me a copy of it on which I always wanted to write a blogpost (I have her permission to publish it on my blog). Thanks to the tag now, it will now be finally written after almost a year.

I wonder what did I find so fascinating about this picture that I so badly wanted to keep it with me and to write on it? I feel that the pictures above can be looked at for hours giving rise to myriad thoughts.

I find shaking hands very special. I know it might sound American/English style of greeting somebody, and I do think ‘Namaste’ (Indian style of greeting with folded palms in front of the chest) has its own charm, but definitely a handshake is a little more personal (while a kiss on the cheek gets far more intimate and I tend to shun it). Holding hands while walking makes so much of sense. It constantly ensures that you are aware of the presence of the person walking beside you and don’t have wandering thoughts about anybody/anything else.

Holding hand means a promise, a promise not to leave it again, a promise to hold in sickness and health, a promise to be a shield in times of trouble. Walking hand in hand means walking together the tumultuous journey of life; it means a pledge to understand and undertake the ups and downs of life together.

I might have exaggerated it a bit, but then I am sure these pictures do remind us of somebody. Somebody with whom either we have walked hand in hand or would have wanted to walk hand in hand. In both the scenarios I think we have been a winner as we have proved to ourselves the level of commitment that we are willing to take, the promises that we are willing to keep. In both the scenarios we prove to ourselves that we are lucky to have come across somebody worthy of that. And if not, then we rather need to go on a search of the self!

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