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'Salaam' Life!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I have not been writing since a long time. Had been a little busy with resettling my house, packaging and shifting to a new platform. The last month had been a month of test of endurance, spirit and courage. Above all the last month had been a test of my emotional strength. I have not failed miserably, but I have not passed as well. Life is a game, a zero-sum game, in which to get something you have to lose something. I have chosen to travel an unknown road.

I worked for an NGO called Salaam Baalak Trust for almost four months. This NGO shetlers, rehabilitates and educates street children. It was sheer desire to do something like this that I landed up there and decided to lend my services as a volunteer. I played with them, laughed with them, told them cooked up mathematical stories to make the subject interesting to them, discussed with them the Human anatomy (with all the little I know about human biology), counselled them for a career ahead and most importantly inspired them to dream.

Salaam Baalak is a great place to volunteer and thereby contribute our bit to the society. The staff is so motivated that it always left me wondering as to what it is that drives them so much. They work selflessly towards the betterment of the lives of the children who left their homes, or had to run away due to some reasons and were spending their lives on the streets. I was specially fascinated towards Nawab, Tabrej, Sharafat and Satinder- the four children whom I used to teach Mathematics. I miss them sometimes, as what they taught me possibly nobody could have ever taught me. They taught me to be positive towards life, no matter what I am going through. I know all of us must have heard this a numerous times before this, and there is nothing awe-inspiring about it, but trust me, just follow it once in your lives. When you feel that things have gone utterly wrong and undesirable, be positive at that point, and see how things would strangely change thereafter. It works. Your life is governed by your mind. So it’s important to think healthy.

Lets all make this world a great place to stay in, a place where all of us radiate positive energies, speak soft words and wish good for each other. Let’s all kill the devils in ourselves. Let’s pray that no child is ever made to live on the streets. Let’s pray and work towards making this world a great place to live in for every life that is born. Let’s all welcome life and say ‘Salaam’ to it with a radiance we never saw before.

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