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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Whenever I get time, I tend to stop, sit back and think about life. And again and again one thought keeps coming back to me – the uncertainty of life. Everything that we do is uncertain. Think of a stochastic programming problem in optimisation with multiple objectives and numerous constraints – phew! Unsolvable – nobody has got around finding a closed form solution to it. Similar is life, and there exists no closed solution.

Take this mundane example – by chance for the first time you found the cheapest coach ticket online that you have ever seen. You are ecstatic. You have been using the website for 2 years now and never have you got any such offer. This time while you are booking the ticket, you think that finally your loyalty is being paid off. You tell people around while you are booking about the special offer and if they also might want to try. You make the payment and finalise the plans of what you will do with the money that you have just saved in that ticket. And lo! The website throws an error message – “It has taken unusually longer to process the transaction and hence it has been aborted. Please close the page and start afresh. No payment has been taken and no tickets booked”. Dejected you start the process all over again only to find that the website does not show the same prices anymore.

The morale of the story is – never take anything for granted. Anything – be it health, beauty, relationship, love, work, studies, knowledge, wisdom. There is nothing that you can really boast of is yours. Life is a learning experience which is as uncertain as the shape of an amoeba. It can change anytime. Therefore, do not boast of what you have and do not feel bad for what you don’t have. It is all a matter of chance, a matter of time and a matter of the dynamics of life!

All that we have is a sham, and all that we don’t have is an illusion. Hinduism says that the only thing that is true in this universe is soul. Everything else is an overlay and is subject to variability. Love the reality and not the plasticity. Love the soul.

Watching the movie Dhan Dana Dhan Goal, it’s about an Indian player waiting to get into an English football club. I have just seen 15 minutes or so, and the movie makes no sense to me. The more I watch it, the more I dislike it. Absolutely mindless. Can’t stand it any more, I am going to switch it off, what a mockery!

Happy Women’s Day to all the women who are walking in their lives with their heads held high. Those who are still struggling just remember one thing, you are the best thing that God could have created, and those who do not have respect for you, does not have respect for God and hence no respect for their own self. So somebody who does not respect oneself, cannot respect you, so simply ignore and move on. Open your arms, embrace the life and keep a smile!

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