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Radha was married

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Oh! What a discovery I made… Just generally thinking about how mean Krishna was, who loved Radha so dearly but still did not have the courage to make her his life partner, I started thinking if Radha ever married at all. After a few googling results I stumbled onto this spectacular discovery that Radha was a married woman, it was an extra-marital affair that she had with Krishna. I am amazed with this discovery, hard to digest, but makes logical sense so can be accepted. I knew that some of the gopis who would romance with Krishna were married, but to find out that Radha was married too and we still celebrate their romance with so much of élan was a great discovery for me.

I will not be writing for a few weeks, have exams coming up and look at the thoughts I get during exam times.

Conjectures, epics I feel like doing these things more than plainly sitting down to study course stuff probably. May God save me!

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