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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Popping bubble wrap, laughing at nothing, good hair days, playing a good song over and over, red wine, a book you can’t put down, watching another stunning sunset.

Fresh air, everything in balance, the weekend, chocolate, flirting, watching a trashy feel good film.

Catching up with an old friend, a long hot shower, slow dancing, swimming in the rain, days off, your favourite jeans, lying on grass with the sun on your face.

Fridays, pay day, driving with the wind in your hair, walking on the beach, finding money, free stuff.

Meeting new people, the smell of rain, setting the clocks back an hour, the crunch of snow underfoot.

Walking barefoot on warm sandy beaches, climbing oak trees.

Getting lost, dunking biscuits in tea.

Your last clean t-shirt.

Just now I noticed the above text printed on my t-shirt that I have been wearing since ages. The text is printed such as to create a spiral depicting the circle of life. Really amazed to realise that before today I never paid any attention to read what was written on it. In life we keep ignoring the little things which can give us immense happiness and joy – like this small discovery that I just made. We complain about life without putting in efforts to feel the small pleasures that we are already surrounded with.

Look out for molecules of happiness, and in such pursuit you will find abundance of joy and serenity!!

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