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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

If I were a carpenter, probably then the process of attachment and detachment would be without any emotional strings and more as a matter of daily job. But alas! I am not so…

I was helping my house-mate build a study table. Those ready made packed tables where one only needs to fix the screws and attach parts correctly to get the table in shape. It took us quite some time and I realized the analogy to building relationships. The strings of attachments need to be tied together to build a long lasting relationship. Different screws are different moments together spent which make the relation special and become memories. The hammering of the screws may be seen as the expression of love to each other and a commitment of staying together.

And when we were near completion, the thought that the table might be detached when she changes the house. Similar goes the analogy when we detach ourselves from an ongoing relationship. There may be various reasons for us to do so. It is a careful process of detaching all the strings that were tied to build the relationship.

The table would need to be opened some day, but then it would again need to be attached in a new house. So it may be better to keep the hope of another upcoming relationship during the process of detachment as it would hurt less then.

Weird thought, out of nowhere…. just thought of writing it! For me the process of detachment is on since long…. Some screws seem to have got jammed due to long time and so it is taking more effort than usual… hurting more as well… Cheers! 🙂

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