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Secret admirer

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

This weekend was about cleaning… destroying items that have not been used for years (as most likely they will not be used in future also) and shredding items from old document folders. I stumbled upon an envelop addressed to me (with slight misspelling of my surname). This was at a time when I used to live in DU post-graduate hostel during 2005 – 2006. I opened the envelope and found a short poem dedicated to me anonymously. I have some vague memories of receiving this when I was in the hostel and discussing about it with my close friends. Don’t think I paid much attention to it that time, but reading it after so many years, I am finding the text quite cheeky! I have jotted the content of the note below verbatim:

My words dedicated to you…

When you get close – I get weak

Still feels good – still runs deep

I want to know you deep inside

Hear every thought and see every dream

Anyway – I just want to say

I love the way you looked that day

With your hair hanging down on your shoulders

The way you do everything but talk

And how you stare at me with those eyes

And your breath on my body makes me warm inside

A memory – to ignite me for ever

I think about you all the time

Can’t you see you drive me out of my mind

Yes I never want this dream to end

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